Henry County L.E.P.C. Hazardous Materials Annex - INDEX

1 - All Tier II Reporting Facilities in Henry County (Appendix A)


Chemicals: Tier II Reportable


Site Map: Arial View


Site Map: Graphic Image

Emergency Response Agency Notification Procedures

Main Transportation Routes

Secondary Transportation Routes

Procedure For Preparing Plan

1.1 - Terrorist Incidents

2 - Incident Procedures

Emergency Incident Procedure Flow Chart

Step 1: Area Control

Step 2: Hazard & Risk Evaluation

Step 3: PPE Selection

Step 4: Resource Coordination

Step 5: Implementing Response Objectives

Step 6: Decontamination

Step 7: Incident Termination

Incident Information Worksheet

3 - Emergency Coordinators

Facility Emergency Coordinators

4 - Release Determination

Release Flow Chart

Chemical List of Lists

Chemical List of Lists, By CAS Number

5 - Release Notification

NRC Notification Form

6 - Emergency Equipment

Communication Equipment

Decontamination Equipment

Evacuation Equipment

Haz-Mat Personnel

Relocation Facilities (Evacuations)

Rest Area Supplies (For Emergency Responders)

Spill Control/Containment Equipment

Supplies/Additional Equipment

7 - Evacuation Procedures

Evacuation (and traffic re-direction) Routes


8 - Training Schedule

Training Schedule Chart

9 - Plan Exercise Schedule

10 - Plan Review Procedure


A - Facility Information

B - Emergency Contractors

C - Protection In Place

D - Child Care & Pre-School Facilities

Correctional Facilities


Nursing, Retirement & Group Homes


Protection In Place Flyer for Handouts

E - Maps, Other


Henry County Tier II Reporting Facility Map


F - Other Information

Product Information (MSDS Style Sheets)

Internet Resources

NFPA 704 Information System